I am passionate about every picture I take and present to others. What drives my desire to take the best pictures possible is the reward of seeing the reactions of those who enjoy viewing them, whether it’s a picture of a family member, pet, landmark, landscape, event, or something as simple as a single Autumn leaf or a bird. I enjoy capturing and presenting things that people have never seen before as much as I do capturing things that people walk or drive past everyday without ever stopping to really notice or appreciate. It always amazes me the reactions I get from people who are presented with a picture of something that would not ordinarily draw their attention, yet are instantly drawn in because of the picture’s composition and detail that awakens their interest – it happens to myself all the time. Wherever I go in my daily travels I find myself looking at everything as if through the eye of a camera. At the end of the day I hope my pictures have added something to your lives, even if just a small amount of awareness, curiosity, or emotion and ultimately memories that will last a lifetime.

My philosophy on portrait photography: Capturing the essence of everything I shoot, especially people, is the most powerful way to tell a story.  Whether posed or candid, the goal of your portraits is to evoke  feelings or emotions to whomever views them.  Whether it’s a nuance, hint of a smile, or full out laughter – the goal is to tell the story of who you are, at the exact moment the shutter snaps.   I also think of portrait photography is the perfect way for you to celebrate and document yourself and your existence!  Too many people never think to have self portraits done because they don’t feel comfortable in front of a camera or don’t feel there is a special reason for them.  Stop to think of how many times you and other family members enjoyed spending hours sifting through and viewing pictures of your parents, grandparents, and other people of your past including ancestors you never met but may have only heard stories of.  Take the time to celebrate your existence and leave your legacy for the generations to remember you by.

In addition to Portrait Photography, I am equally fond of Landscape Photography and have made various Art Prints available from the following Website:

Scott Fracasso Fine Art

Here you can purchase artistic prints, customized framed and matted prints, canvas prints, prints on metal, prints on acrylic, greeting cards, tote bags, throw pillows, duvet covers, and shower curtains.

Art Prints

Notoriety: *FotoWeek DC Cherry Blossom Photo Contest – Honorable Mention years 2013 and 2014. **FotoWeek DC International Awards Competition – Honorable Mention 2013. ***Peachpit – Publishers of technology books, eBooks, and videos for creative people, featured Flickr photographer interview February 2013. ****India Times Article, July 16, 2015: “36 Phenomenal Pictures That Were Clicked At Just The Right Moment”. *****Featured photo selected for Scott Naauao branding portfolio for Highcliffe Clothiers, Middleburg VA. ******Featured photo promoting the 2015 Quicken Loans National PGA Tour in the Haymarket Homeowner Newsletter for EXIT Heritage Realty